Let’s spread joy and love

At Studio De Beer, craftsmanship and energy come together in colorful, vibrant illustrations and products that put a smile on your face. Everything is made by me, Manon de Beer. I am an illustrator and product designer from Amersfoort (NL). All my life I have been a creator, wanting to spread joy and love through my products and designs. I am very passionate about illustration and ceramics, both separate and combined, and I love sharing this passion with you!  

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Postcards and prints

From handmade illustrations

All postcards and prints by Studio de Beer are based on handmade illustrations. I make these using gouache, colored pencils, handmade stamps and/or crayons before digitalizing them. Most of the illustrations are inspired by daily situations and have animals as a main character, influenced by my personal fascination with birds, foxes and bears (what’s in a name, right? ;)). The illustrations are printed on 300 grams paper made from elephant’s grass, a giant type of grass grown sustainably in the Netherlands. 




Ceramic products by Studio de Beer are made in a three-step-process that ensure both craftsmanship and small mass production. First, I model, carve or digitally construct and 3D print the shape. Then I make a casting mold, which makes it possible to duplicate the model in relatively small amounts. Finally, each product is finished off by hand! 

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The story behind the illustration

Ukulele feast

In 2015, I spent seven months travelling around South-America. One of the things I liked most during those travels were the cozy evenings with people playing ukulele or guitar. It always felt magical! Near the end of my trip I found a ukulele-maker around the corner of my hostel and bought the one he was working on with the last bit of money I had. The ukulele travelled with me from Colombia to Cuba, and it made me feel like a travelling musician – even though I couldn’t yet play a tune. 

I still practice now and then – my playing has improved greatly since I learned that I need to tune the ukulele – and I hope one day I will have the nerve to play for other people at a real ukulele feast. In the meantime, I live vicariously through this happy fox playing “happy birthday” for all it’s loved ones!

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