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*Only available in Dutch*

A gift card for a unique handmade porcelain birth tile with an illustration in relief. This card is a present in and of itself! It comes with a porcelain amulet that has the words “wat een schatje” (what a cutie)  embossed to set the vibe for the actual birth tiles the parents can order with their gift card.

Celebrate the birth of a new baby with a unique, personal gift that lasts a lifetime! The tiles are cast in porcelain and pressed with the name and birthdate of the baby for a personal piece of art. 

Choose a gift card if you want the parents to choose the color and illustration, or if you don’t have time to wait for the tile. The delivery time for the tiles is up to four weeks because each tile is handmade with a lot of care. The gift card ensures that the parents can choose their favorite color and illustration in their own time. They will receive the tile and all the extra’s: a wooden socket and a handmade felt bag to keep the tile safe in.  

The delivery time of the gift card is two working days.


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  • The birth tile in the color you like
  • Name and date of birth imprinted during the casting process
  • A handmade wooden socket (FREE, worth €8.95)
  • A special handmade bag made of felt (FREE, worth €8.95)


Check out the pictures for the available colors. I tried to match the images as much as possible with the real color of the tiles, but keep in mind that differences in color may occur between the digital image and the actual product.


Pay attention: Each tile is handmade when the order comes in. That’s why the delivery time is up to four weeks: this ensures that I have enough time to carefully cast, dry, bake and glaze your tile. You will receive an email when the tile is on its way to you!


Gift card (tip!)

If you need a present quickly, or are unsure of the color the parents will like, buy a gift card! This way, the new parents can order and choose their baby’s birth tile in their own time. 

The gift card will be delivered within two working days.

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